Skip Terms


Overfilled Skip (loaded above the height of the top edge of the skip)

Option 1  - Price of another skip required for additional waste plus £25.

Option 2 - £50 for every 20 mins spent removing waste from the skip to make it level.


Failed Collection or Delivery “Wasted Journey” - £50 per Occasion

Extra Days Hire - £15 Per Day (Over 7 Days, unless agreed)

Special Waste – Price of disposal plus £100 or £150 to return waste



Prices are subject to change without notice however will always remain valid for the period of hire.


The standard hire period for a skip is up to 7 days.


No asbestos, tyres, batteries, fridges, gas cylinders, paint, plasterboard or chemicals, liquids

televisions, computer monitors,, fridges, freezers, fluorescent tubes or any other materials classified as “special waste” under the current environmental legislation.

No soil or hardcore must be placed in Wheelie Skips.


Skips can only be placed on private property (ie Drive).


Access must have NO raised kerbs. There must be no need for lifting the skip over anything (ie fence).


Skip must be level loaded.


Payment required prior or on Delivery of skip.



Contact Number: 07974061476


Skip Hire Terms & Conditions


Effective 1st November 2019


1)  Definitions


a)     The “Company” refers to We Can Clear It

b)     "Vehicle" refers to any vehicle operated by the company in the course of providing hired equipment or other services.

c)     The “Hirer” or “Customer” refers to the company or person that has ordered either the hire of equipment or the provision of a service or both from We Can Clear It

d)     "Site" refers to the mutually agreed location where the equipment is to be deposited or service is to be provided.

e)     The parties to this contract are the “customer” and to We Can Clear It

f)      “Hire Period” is the maximum time that the customer is entitled to expect hired equipment to be at their disposal.



2)  Hire Period

The standard hire period for a skip is up to 7 days.  This is the maximum time that a customer can expect to keep a skip hired to them by the company, unless a longer period is agreed mutually between the customer and the company at the time of order.  For the purpose of these conditions the Hire period extends from the point in time when the delivering vehicle arrives on site until the collecting vehicle departs from site with the loaded container on board.



3)  Dates & Times

The company cannot guarantee exact delivery dates and times but will endeavour to comply as closely as possible to the target time window agreed with each customer.  The hirer must inform the company office when waste containers are ready to be collected.  The company reserves the right to collect skips at the end of the hire period or on the expiration of an associated highways permit without prior consent or agreement.  The company cannot be held liable for any loss arising from skips being delivered or collected at times / dates other than those requested.



4)  Permitted Waste Types and Safe Loading of Skips

No asbestos, tyres, batteries, fridges, gas cylinders, paint, plasterboard or chemicals, liquids

televisions, computer monitors,, fridges, freezers, fluorescent tubes or any other materials classified as “special waste” under the current environmental legislation to be deposited in general waste skip unless prior written agreement exists between the company and the customer.  The company reserves the right to refuse to remove containers and or levy additional charges in the event of any such materials being present in one of it’s containers.



Skips will not be collected when loaded above the height of the top edge of the skip or where non compliant materials are present therein.  Failed collection charges will apply. No fires are permitted in or beside the company’s skips.  Any loss or damage whatsoever to the container or associated equipment remains the responsibility of the hirer throughout the entirety of the hire period.


5)  Skip Safety and Loss & Damage

Whilst it is the responsibility of the company to provide lamps, cones and where applicable signage to the customer under the terms of the agreed hire, it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the lights, cones and signage remain in place and that the lamps are working throughout the hire period.  The company reserves the right to remove any skips without prior consent or agreement .  Any accidents or incidents involving the skip or associated equipment must be reported to the company office immediately.  Any loss or damage remains the responsibility of the hirer including but not limited to loss or damage to any container, lights, cones and signage hired to them by the company.



6)  Skip Delivery & Collection

Skips must not be moved from the position where they are delivered.  The company cannot be held responsible for any damage to property caused either directly or indirectly, by the customer moving any skip.  The customer will be responsible for any damage caused to containers and or associated equipment during the hire period.  The customer is responsible for maintaining safe access at all times for both the company vehicle and it’s operator such that the company can effect the safe and timely delivery / collection of skips without delay and or risk of injury or damage.  The company reserves the right to withdraw and levy a wasted journey charge in the event that such access is not available or conditions on site constitute and unacceptably high risk of injury or damage.



7)  Payment Terms

Payment terms for authorised credit customers are strictly 3 days from date of invoice. Customers without a credit account payment must pay in full on or before delivery of the relevant goods or services. Payment is accepted via Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit/ Debit card.



8)  Non- Payment

The contents of any hired waste container remain the property and the sole responsibility of the “hirer” until the “company” has been paid in full for it’s removal.  The “company” reserves the right to not remove from site any materials subject to any form of dispute.  For the purpose of these conditions any customer with overdue payments is deemed to be in dispute with the “company”.

Any materials supplied remain the property of the company until payment in full is received.  The company reserves the right to remove with out prior notification or permission any goods or equipment for which payment has not been made in full.



9)  Vehicles Working Off The Highway

Customers directing vehicles off the public highway do so entirely at their own risk.  The customer is responsible for any losses or additional expenses incurred by either party as a result of driving and or operating any vehicle off the public highway.  This includes but is not limited to damage to surfacing, inspection covers and or any form of settlement or subsidence resulting from the placing of skips and or the presence of company vehicles on areas other than public highways.


10)  Responsibility for Operatives

The company shall have no liability for any loss or damage caused by any act or omission whatsoever of an operative or the consequences thereof.  The hirer shall fully and completely indemnify the company in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever for injury to person or loss or damage to property howsoever caused including all costs and charges in connection therewith and arising out of or in connection with any act or omission of the operative whilst the hirer is responsible for him and whether or not arising under statute or common law or from the negligence or breach of duty or other wrongful act or omission of the operative.

Examples of overloaded skips